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The new Odyssey Family Recovery Centre delivers the Parent's and Children's Residential Rehabilitation Program which helps parents break the cycle of generational substance use. The Centre will provide a home where parents can maintain care of their young children during their recovery while we help them develop skills to establish and manage a safe and healthy family home.

We’re helping families reconnect, so treatment doesn’t trigger family separation and further challenges for parents, children and extended families. We are immensely proud of this program and the parents who graduate from it to return to their communities. They and their children experience significant personal growth during this challenging and complex treatment, which often takes more than a year.

We need your help to purchase bedding, household furniture, kitchen utensils and children's play toys... just to name a few.

Join us and open a new door for these families. Your purchase from the Odyssey Family Recovery Centre Shop will help families taking the first positive step to recovery.

Odyssey Family Recovery Centre Shop

Products in most need

If you do not want to purchase a product you are more than welcome to make a donation. Your donation will enable us to create a ’Centre of Excellence’ that allows parents to undertake rehabilitation treatment while their children live with them in a safe learning environment, enabling positive and lasting change.

With your help, we can help more familes in need.

Thank you for your support.