Tom is has struggled with his relationship with alcohol his entire life.

Tom is 63-year-old man who has struggled with his relationship with alcohol his entire life.  

Tom grew up in a culture where drinking was considered a social custom and an accepted norm. He started drinking with his friends in his teenage years and continued for almost fifty years.  

For years, Tom didn't realise that his drinking was spiralling out of control and having a significant impact on his relationships. He didn't realise the extent of his drinking until his husband couldn't cope with his behaviour and left. That was Tom's turning point - he knew he needed help. 

Tom reached out to Odyssey House NSW and started attending our Community Services outpatient program. With the support of our dedicated team, Tom was able to address his drinking habits and work towards a healthier relationship with alcohol. Our team worked with him to develop a personalised treatment plan that addressed both his physical and mental health need, and our wellbeing services provided him with the tools and support he needed to maintain his sobriety and improve his overall quality of life. 

We asked Tom what he would tell his younger self:

"Drinking to excess might seem like fun in the moment, but it can have serious consequences. It's important to understand your limits and not let alcohol control your life. If you're struggling with your relationship with alcohol, don't be afraid to reach out for help." 

Tom's story is just one example of the impact we can have on people's lives. It’s a powerful reminder of the impact that addiction can have on individuals and their loved ones. But it also shows that with the right support and resources, recovery is possible.